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P3DP team 2014This site contains PPP resources created by the USAID-funded Public-Private Partnership Development Program (P3DP) in Ukraine. During the five-year program led by FHI360, the P3DP team improved Ukraine’s PPP legislative and regulatory environment; established a PPP Unit within Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade; raised awareness of how PPPs can build infrastructure and improve public services; and instilled core PPP knowledge and skills among over 1,000 government and municipal officials. P3DP supported their efforts to introduce PPP pilot projects focused on improving public services in key sectors such as health, education, transport, energy, and municipal waste management. The goal of this site is to make available the lessons learned and knowledge acquired through P3DP’s experiences. These may be accessed and and shared by practitioners, municipal leaders and policy makers working to improve the quality and availability of public services and infrastructure. Learn more about P3DP here.

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