PPP Policies, Regulations and Legislation

The following policies, legislation and procedures, developed with P3DP participation, has been adopted by the Government of Ukraine:

Concept of Public-Private Partnership Development in Ukraine for 2012-2017 

PPP Conept Eng

The PPP Development Concept lays the foundation for the Government of Ukraine’s overall PPP policy and development framework.

Together with the PPP Strategy and Strategic Implementation Plan, the Concept provides a foundation for collaboration between the public and private sectors on the development PPPs for infrastructure and public services. The Concept was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the publication of CMU Degree #739 in August 2013.

PPP Strategy and Strategy Implementation Plan for 2013-2017

Public-Private Partnership Appraisal Methodology

PPP Appraisal Methodology - UkraineThis document provides guidelines and required methodologies to be used by all public institutions that implement PPP projects throughout Ukraine.

It establishes a set of written standards for PPP feasibility studies that adheres to the format and specifications outlined by an agreement with the MOEDT.

It was adopted on March 15, 2012 through MOEDT Administrative Order #255.

Methodology for Risk Assessment and Management of PPP Projects

Risk Methodology-en-coverThe Risk Methodology lays out the underlying concepts of risk and risk management in the context of PPP projects. It defines potential types of risks, methods for their evaluation and tools for risk management.

The Methodology is designed to be used during each stage of the full project life cycle from initiation to closure and to guide decision making on project viability, efficiency valuation, and allocation of risks between public and private partners.

Concession Payment Calculation Methodology

METHODOLOGY for the Regulation of Landfill Tariffs for Household Solid Waste (2nd edition)

SWM Methodology EngThis methodology sets out the method of determining landfill tariffs for household waste disposal services for natural monopoly entities carrying out business activity in the area of household waste disposal.

Requirements contained in this methodology will be applied by natural monopoly entities in the calculation of landfill tariffs for household waste disposal services and in their submission for consideration and approval by the bodies authorized to exercise state regulation of tariffs as established by law.

Major Directions on Kyiv Solid Waste Management Program Development

Public-Private Partnerships and Tariff Regulation in the Water, Wastewater, and District Heating Sectors

This paper presents an overview of tariff regulation in the water, wastewater, and district heating sectors in Ukraine with a view to assessing the degree of regulatory risk. It is difficult to escape the conclusion that, at present, regulatory risk is a significant obstacle to good-practice PPPs in these sectors in Ukraine. Even if the stated methodology and procedures of the National Communal Services Regulatory Commission conformed in every way to best practice (and in many ways, it appears that moves are being made in that direction), the Commission has no track record to give confidence to private sector companies.  The one area in the regulated sectors where PPP mechanisms can be applied in the immediate future is water supply and/or wastewater treatment.