Knowledge Sharing in Action: Ivano-Frankivsk Governor Visits P3DP Biogas Project in Vinnytsia

Landfill GasGovernor Mykhailo Vyshyvaniuk of the Ivano-Frankivsk Region visited Vinnytsia this week for a first-hand look at P3DP’s pilot PPP landfill biogas extraction project. The project aims to generate power from landfill gas at a municipal landfill. The energy produced will reduce the need for power from more polluting sources, reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 20,000 tons and increasing Ukraine’s energy independence.

This municipal cross-learning study tour is an excellent example of how P3DP facilitates knowledge sharing on the role of PPPs in energy efficiency and renewable energy in Ukraine. P3DP’s Tatiana Korotka, Nelia Makary, and Alexandra Chalaya facilitated the event.

The idea for the study tour came up in September, when the Governor visited P3DP’s offices in Kyiv to discuss a biogas extraction project in Ivano-Frankivsk. P3DP-supported tests indicated that there are sufficient gas emissions at a municipal landfill in Ivano-Frankivsk to generate electricity.  Under a PPP, the city plans construct power lines from the site to the grid and enter into a PPP with a private operator to build and operate a power generating facility. The total investment could reach $3 million and generate 10 new jobs.

P3DP, as transaction advisor to both projects, presented key topics during the visit. These included information on best-practices in landfill management, including biogas extraction; social, economic, financial, and legal implications of the project, and environmental issues such as the Kyoto Protocol, green tariffs, energy-efficiency and related taxes. The roles and responsibilities of private operators  in such PPPs were also discussed.