P3DP – Promoting Clean Energy in Ukraine through PPPs

PPP Ukraine

P3DP’s work supports the USAID’s Climate Change and Development Strategy and President Obama’s Global Climate Change Initiative. We help Ukraine become climate resilient and encourage low-emission sustainable economic development through legislative reform, capacity building, and pilot PPP projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage use of renewable energy.

P3DP’s success training in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy PPPs in Zhytomyr (see story on page 1) isn’t the only way P3DP is promoting  investments in clean energy in Ukraine.  We use a multi-pronged, complementary approach to dealing with climate issues. Our approaches include:

  • Promoting Clean Energy through Legislative Engagement.  P3DP has included provisions promoting clean energy in Ukraine’s PPP policy and provided input to draft legislation. These inputs are expected to encourage use of ESCO contracts, improve solid waste management, and encourage PPPs for for improving the resource and energy efficiency of the housing and communal sector.
  • Building Environmental Knowledge and Capacity. In addition to teaching national, regional and municipals about the fundamentals of public-private partnerships, P3DP demonstrates how the private sector can contribute to low emission, sustainable economic development through financing, technology, and managerial know-how. 
  • Clean Energy Pilot PPP Projects.  P3DP’s pilot PPP projects have a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions and greater energy efficiency.  Pilots in Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Malyn are expected to demonstrate how PPPs can mitigate climate change by generating electricity with landfill gas and biofuel and use of energy-efficient street lighting. Estimated reductions resulting from U.S. Government assistance delivered through P3DP will be equivalent to 998,159 metric tons of CO2.