Infrastructure and PPPs Promote Economic Growth


“There is a direct correlation between investing in infrastructure and improving the economy, including the nation’s employment rate,” says Mike Beland from the University of Maryland in an article in the Baltimore Sun. Ukrainians will relate to his concerns. Bridges and roads are in urgent need of repair, but the public is not willing to spend the necessary money. In the meantime, unemployment is high.

Private sector spending accounts for only six percent of investment in infrastructure in the United States. Beland believes that the answer is to increase private investment through public-private partnerships: “Encouraging private-sector investment in our infrastructure in a transparent, secure manner is essential both to improving the roads and keeping businesses here. A consequence of poorer infrastructure is that it encourages employers to locate their businesses elsewhere — in a different city, state or country,” he says.

The same principle holds true in Ukraine. Read the full article here: “Ailing U.S. infrastructure needs public-private investment.”