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P3DP team 2014The Public-Private Partnership Development Program (P3DP) worked with the Government of Ukraine and community leaders to create the environment needed for PPPs to improve infrastructure and public services.

P3DP assistance enabled municipalities to become more resilient to growing budget constraints by working effectively with the private sector to mobilize investment and expertise, engaging citizens early in decision making processes, and ensuring that open, fair and transparent methods were used to identify and contract the best suited partners.

Funded by USAID and implemented by FHI360, the Program worked closely with municipal governments and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in four objective areas:

1. Improving the Legal and Institutional Framework for PPPsP3DP provided legal analyses, participated in policy discussions, contributed to draft legislation, and advocate for reform conducive to PPP development at the national level, making PPPs a more viable option for financing infrastructure, health, education, and public service projects.

2. Supporting the National PPP UnitThe National PPP Unit provided support to municipalities, regions and government agencies implementing PPPs. P3DP built its institutional capacity, developed tools for monitoring PPPs, and providedd guidance on strategic issues.

3. Increasing PPP Knowledge and SkillsP3DP conducted practical skills workshops, knowledge seminars, and conferences on PPPs for government officials, private sector representatives, NGOs and the general public. We also provided support on strategic communications for PPPs to ensure that all stakeholders were included.

4. Developing Pilot PPP Projects. P3DP served as transaction advisor to government for pilot PPP projects throughout Ukraine. We provided support and advice at all stages of the PPP process, from concept to contract award. P3DP enjoyd a solid reputation as a neutral broker between government, the private sector, NGOs, and the public to bring PPPs to fruition.

P3DPs’ assistance benefited Ukrainian citizens through improvements in areas such as healthcare, education, solid waste management, and urban transportation. Mitigating global climate change and supporting the use of clean energy was integrated into all P3DP program activities.

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