PPPs and Reform in Ukraine

The P3DP team met with First Deputy Minister Mr. Maksiuta to discuss next steps of joint cooperation.

The P3DP team met with First Deputy Minister Mr. Maksiuta to discuss next steps of joint cooperation.

On March 14, President Yanukovych by special Decree approved Ukraine’s “National Action Plan for 2013.” The plan assigns responsibilities, outlines specific actions, and establishes target dates and indicators related to implementation of the country’s Economic Reform Program for 2010-2014.

Of special note, as a result of extensive efforts of P3DP, a 5-year USAID project being implemented by FHI360, the Plan includes specific actions to promote and support the use of public-private partnerships in improvement of infrastructure and delivery of public services. Specific responsibilities assigned to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MOEDT) include facilitating the adoption of the “PPP Concept for 2013-2018″ by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by June 2013 and adoption of the “PPP Strategy and Implementation Plan” by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by December 2013. Both of these documents were a result of cooperative efforts of the MOEDT and P3DP.

In addition to providing regular consultations and advisory memos, P3DP fielded a team of Ukrainian experts to draft the PPP Concept and accompanying Strategy and Implementation Plan based on international best practices. The draft Concept and general approach was presented during a round table to allow multiple stakeholders from the Government of Ukraine, municipalities, private business and others to provide input. Their viewpoints are reflected in the final Concept which framed drafting of the PPP Strategy and Action Plan. The documents establish basic tenets to guide PPP development in Ukraine, outline principles on which partnership relations between the state and private sector will be based, and provide directions to improve PPP institutional support and the legislative environment.

On March 15, just one day after the President’s approval of the National Action Plan for 2013, the P3DP team met with the MOEDT leadership and PPP unit representatives to agree on a set of specific actions to accelerate achievement of their PPP related responsibilities. Anatolii Maksiuta, First Deputy Minister of MOEDT, stated “We need to continue the close cooperation between MOEDT and P3DP in ensuring not just the improvement of the PPP environment, but supporting municipalities to create and implement actual PPP projects”. It was agreed to create a joint workplan prior to the end of March. The high level of collaboration between P3DP and the MOEDT is becoming even more rigorous as a result of the President’s approval of the Action Plan for 2013.