Biomass/Gas Project Round Table in Poltova

P3DP shared guidance materials and PPP development experience at a Round Table in Poltava focused on PPPs in the Biomass/Gas sector. P3DP made the case that concessions are a suitable form of PPPs that can enable substitution of natural gas with locally-produced bio-fuels. The 15 local officials attending gained a general understanding of the PPP development process.

P3DP Shares Biofuel PPP Experience at MERP Workshop

P3DP shared its experiences from the pilot PPP biofuel project in Malyn at the clean energy workshop organized by the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project (MERP) in Kamyanets-Podilsky. P3DP presented lessons learned, challenges and key success factors of the project. About 60 people attended, including local government representatives and the Association of Ukrainian Cities.

DP Malyn Biofuel PPP Experience Shared at Poltava Conference

P3DP shared experiences of the Malyn Biofuel Heating PPP at a conference in

Poltava focused on using renewable energy sources through PPP approaches. USAID’s Local Alternative Energy Fuel: Myrhorod project hosted almost 50 representatives of municipalities and the private sector in identifying approaches to expand use of biofuel in Poltava oblast. As a result of the event, P3DP identified the first group of towns that are interested to replicate the Malyn PPP model in their own municipal heating facilities. P3DP has also identified a group of possible bidders (heating operators and boiler producers that are eager to expand to production of heat under PPP) and is thus considering how to support physical replication and expand direct investments into Ukrainian municipalities already in 2015 as a result of developed PPP models.