Ukraine Making Progress in Introducing e-Government Services

LvivSeptember 18-19, 2015 – Over 200 people took part in Lviv’s E-Country: Faith in the Future forum, where they learned how Ukraine’s national and local governments are teaming with the private sector and international development agencies to introduce e-government services.  True commitment from the government and partnering with the private sector through PPPs and other mechanisms were repeatedly cited as essential components of success.  P3DP’s report on how to use PPPs to introduce e-Government services can be found at
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Health Ministry to Introduce Electronic Healthcare Management System


Ukraine’s Health Minister announced plans to introduce an electronic healthcare management system within one year. A single register with data on patients, doctors, and all clinics and emergency care hospitals is to be created. In addition to national agencies, municipal governments are looking for ways to overcome budget constraints to introduce e-Government programs that improve citizen services.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice Introduces E-Service for Business, Property Rights Registration

Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice announced that it will launch an online service to enable citizens to access business and property rights registration services. P3DP is working with the State Agency for E-Government to identify opportunities for PPPs that can help municipalities to broaden the number of e-services, increasing efficiency and reducing opportunities for corruption.


P3DP Supports Introduction of e-Government Services Through PPPs

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Interest in e-Government has been growing in Ukraine as national, regional and municipal governments seek better ways to deliver government services. The e-Governance model, however, requires financing, new technology, and both technical and management skills. Not all government bodies have the tools and capabilities to implement e-Government on their own.

One solution is for the private sector to develop and provide these services in partnership with government through public-private partnerships (PPPs). A well-structured PPP transaction can lead to a win-win solution whereby the private sector finances and operates an e-Government system under a long-term agreement. Government provides oversight to ensure effective delivery of services. The public benefits by having more constructive and transparent engagement with the public sector and receiving higher quality services.

In February 2015, USAID’s Public-Private Partnership Development Program (P3DP) partnered with Ukraine’s State Agency on e-Government to introduce concepts and methods in how to engage the private sector to improve public services through e-Government. On the first day, P3DP’s e-Government expert, Emilio Bugli Innocenti, explained how PPP mechanisms and approaches could be applied to e-Government in Ukraine, providing examples from other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. This was followed by a two-day practical workshop for government representatives from the national, regional and municipal agencies tasked with introducing various e-Government services in Ukraine. They learned about best practices of other countries to attract the private sector, improve effectiveness and efficiency of services, and introduce new levels of government transparency.

The PPP in e-Government Guide, which provides an overview and rationale of e-Government, information about the role and function of PPPs in e-Government, and cases studies, was disseminated at the workshop. It can be downloaded here in English and Ukrainian.

State Agency for E-Government Explores Methods to Engage Private Sector

P3DP conducted a two-day training event for management and staff of the State Agency for E-Government on alternative approaches to engage the private sector through public-private partnerships in e-government. The workshop provided practical examples of how similar countries mobilize private investment and expertise. P3DP will support efforts of the Agency and municipalities to identify viable PPP opportunities to introduce services that increase efficiency and reduce corruption.