P3DP Shares Biofuel PPP Experience at MERP Workshop

P3DP shared its experiences from the pilot PPP biofuel project in Malyn at the clean energy workshop organized by the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project (MERP) in Kamyanets-Podilsky. P3DP presented lessons learned, challenges and key success factors of the project. About 60 people attended, including local government representatives and the Association of Ukrainian Cities.

P3DP’s Draft Law on Green Tariffs Registered in Parliament

– P3DP learned that draft law #2010 On Amendments to Specific Laws on Competitiveness Conditions for Electricity Producing from Alternative Resources of Energy was registered in the Verkhovna Rada. The draft law is based on proposed legislation developed with P3DP participation in April 2014, when P3DP submitted legal recommendations on green tariff mechanisms in solid waste management. The proposed legislation improves methods of energy payment calculations for companies. The law, if passed, will facilitate launching of PPP projects in solid waste management and will greatly support efforts of P3DP in the sector.

Can PPPs Clean Up the Environment?

Pollution PPP

Usually PPPs are used to build and maintain infrastructure, schools, health facilities, or deliver public services. But in the United States, the Department of Agriculture plans to use PPPs to minimize pollution of rivers and bays from agriculture.

The program will conduct competitive tenders for eight conservation projects. Private operators will work with farmers to prevent contamination of water from agricultural runoff, which can cause excessive algae growth and reduced oxygen in water. This creates “dead zones” that cannot support fish and wildlife.

PPPs can be used for any public service, including wildlife conservation. Perhaps similar programs will help protect the Dniepr and other rivers in Ukraine.

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