How Can the Private Sector Help Meet Housing Needs of Internally-Displaced Persons?

Is there a role for the private sector in addressing the long-term housing needs of Ukraine’s internally displaced persons? According to a recent study conducted by the USAID Public-Private Partnership Development Program (P3DP), there is.

P3DP presented its study Facilitating Private Sector Participation in Delivery of Humanitarian Aid and Infrastructure Rehabilitation in the Housing Sector – Laying the Foundation for PPPs on August 3 at the Hotel Rus in Kyiv. The study was prepared by Professor Wolfgang Amann, an international consultant on infrastructure rehabilitation in the housing sector and social housing, with input from multiple local stakeholders.

Professor Amann traveled to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Dnipropetrovsk, where he collected data and held extensive discussions with local stakeholders, incluluding local governments, NGOs, construction and development companies, and donor organizations. At the event, he shared his key findings and specific recommendations for long-term IDP housing solutions with participants and presented private sector housing models targeting IDPs.

Professor Amann’s presentation was supplemented by comments and presentation of Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous, a Ukrainian lawyer who covered the legal aspects of PPP implementation in housing sector relevant to Ukraine.

The agenda, study and presentations by Professor Amann and Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous can be accessed at the links below:

Alternatives to Address IDP Long-term Housing Needs Being Assessed

At the IDP Shelter Cluster Meeting in Kyiv, local and international agencies, programs, and NGOs shared information on growing IDP housing needs and provided technical updates on ongoing and planned assistance. P3DP described efforts to identify specific long-term housing projects that incorporate private sector participation.

UN Human Rights Office in Ukraine Supports IDP Housing National Strategy Solutions

The UN Human Rights Office presented its human rights report, highlighting the increasing needs of IDPs in Ukraine and the urgency to develop national strategy that coordinates assistance. During discussions, P3DP noted that a working group had been established to create sustainable housing solutions, in line with a key recommendation of the UN report and the recent Law of Ukraine on IDPs.