Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice Introduces E-Service for Business, Property Rights Registration

Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice announced that it will launch an online service to enable citizens to access business and property rights registration services. P3DP is working with the State Agency for E-Government to identify opportunities for PPPs that can help municipalities to broaden the number of e-services, increasing efficiency and reducing opportunities for corruption.


Unsolicited Proposals and Single Bidders in Relation to PPPs

GN1 cover ENFull competitive tendering for public private partnerships (PPPs) is considered best practice, as a general rule, for PPP procurement.

This note looks at two instances in which there might be less than full competition: the case where there is only one bidder and the case of unsolicited proposals.

The note examines practice in other countries and makes suggestions for Ukraine.

Download the full report.

Environmental Awareness and Actions in Vinnytsia

The “New Life Tree” made from recycled materials generated enthusiasm from kids and parents.

The “New Life Tree” made from recycled materials generated enthusiasm from kids and parents.

Vinnytsia, September 7. During recent Vinnytsia City Day, P3DP actively  promoted environmental awareness and answered questions from city residents and city officials about USAID efforts to improve waste management practices and introduce renewable energy systems.

One of the most popular places to visit during the celebrations was the USAID Tent City that featured many educational activities for children and others.  At the P3DP booth local artists conducted recycling classes entitled “New Life to Old Things,” teaching children how to live a zero-waste lifestyle by being creative and environmentally aware. While the kids were busy, parents learned about benefits that public-private partnerships can bring to a community in general and specifically about the biogas PPP project being developed in Vinnytsia.

Vinnytsia hopes to introduce a comprehensive state-of-the-art solid waste management system that includes sorting, recycling, processing and the closing of the current landfill by 2017.  An integral component of the strategy is a public-private partnership that will produce electricity by burning landfill generated biogas. P3DP assistance is developing this PPP project that will reduce harmful gas emissions, improve landfill maintenance, increase energy independence, and create a healthier environment.