egov-coverNew: Guide to Public-Private Partnerships in eGovernment by Emilio Bugli Innocenti.

The Guide for PPPs in e-Government was presented during a workshop held in Kyiv, Ukraine on 17 – 18 February, 2015. It presents the main arguments for e-Government PPPs and covers the main aspects of the e-Gov PPPs, including the main contract models, the Key Policy objectives, the Key Regulatory Pre-requisites, Challenges, Risks and Constraints. The Guide also describes the steps involved in the e-Government PPP Life Cycle.

Interest in e-Government has been growing in recent years as a means for improving the efficiency of delivering public services in Ukraine. Using informational and communication technology (ICT) combined with organizational and procedural change, e-Governance can simplify interactions between government and individuals, businesses and organizations, such as:

  • Paying taxes
  • Paying utilities
  • Obtaining passports
  • Obtaining licenses
  • Receiving pensions and public benefits
  • Bidding on public procurement requests.

National, regional and municipal governments have given the introduction of greater transparency and improved effectiveness of government services a high priority. The e-Governance model can help achieve this. However, this requires significant finances, new technology, and technical and management skills not currently available to the public sector.

One solution is for the private sector to develop and provide these services in partnership with government through public-private partnerships (PPPs). Well-structured PPP transactions can lead to a win-win solution whereby the private sector finances and operates an e-Government system under long-term agreements. Government provides oversight to ensure effective delivery of services, while the public benefits by having more constructive and transparent engagement with government and receiving higher quality services.

P3DP supports the development of e-Government in Ukraine with private sector participation. It participates in the working group formed by the State Agency on e-Government of Ukraine and has co-sponsored workshops and public lectures on the topic. P3DP has also developed a guide, PPP in e-Government, to provide information in both Ukrainian and English about the role and function of PPPs in e-Government.