Mitigating Climate Change and Supporting Use of Clean Energy

P3DPMitigating global climate change and supporting the use of clean energy is integrated into all P3DP program activities. A key component of the P3DP process to evaluate potential PPP projects is measuring the anticipated increases or reductions in greenhouse gas emission caused by pilot PPPs. This ensures that positive impacts are realized and actions to minimize any possible negative impacts are taken.

Key P3DP strategies in working with municipalities include:

  • Introducing climate change considerations into all documents developed with the support of P3DP;
  • Introducing energy efficiency and conservation in public buildings and street lighting;
  • Capturing carbon emissions from solid waste disposal for power utilization
  • Initiating use of alternative, renewable energy sources in municipal and public buildings
  • Improving management of parks and other green spaces
  • Creating a cadre of climate literate municipal leaders capable of making informed decisions

P3DP is demonstrating how PPPs can introduce modern technologies that improve infrastructure and public services while also reducing greenhouse emissions.

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