PPPAlthough free to citizens, the state-run healthcare system in Ukraine faces serious constraints. Facilities, equipment and medical supplies are inadequate. Doctors are in short supply and poorly trained. Funding and healthcare management skills are in short supply.  As a result, the Ukrainian healthcare system provides poor service and is a heavy financial burden to the state.

Private sector funding, expertise and technology mobilized through public-private partnerships can help address these issues and improve the overall quality of medical services.

P3DP is working with the municipal government of Zaporizhia to create Ukraine’s first healthcare PPP. The project envisages sharing hospital space with a private partner, which will renovate facilities, procure modern equipment, and introduce new surgical techniques. The project is expected to attract $2 million USD over the 25-year life of the project.

More importantly, the Zaporizhia healthcare PPP could pave the way for similar projects elsewhere in Ukraine, thereby delivering modern, efficient healthcare services that are affordable to both patients and local governments. Critical to success is good communication with the public, which is unaccustomed to private sector involvement in communal healthcare.

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