Monitoring & Evaluation Research

Ukraine PPP Baseline SurveyThis survey was conducted by P3DP to assess pre-existing levels of awareness about public-private partnerships and to determine the condition of infrastructure and public services provided by local communities in Ukraine. The baseline survey targeted representatives of local governments, the business community and local NGOs. Overall, 1,761 responses were collected in the nationally-representative telephone survey in 86 cities, including Kyiv, Sevastopol, 25 regional centers, 90 district centers and 59 other regional cities in November and December 2011. In addition, a survey was conducted at the national government level to assess its PPP implementation-related needs. This report presents the results for both surveys along with policy recommendations that stem from the survey findings.

Study #2: Follow-up Survey 2014

Study #3: Assessment of PPP Awareness, Attitudes, and Abilities 2015

P3DP Final Monitoring and Evaluation Report (2011-2015)