Objective 2:

Supporting the PPP Development Unit

MOEDT UkraineThe Government of Ukraine is actively developing its knowledge and skills to support PPP projects for infrastructure, health, education and other public services. To support this effort, P3DP worked closely with Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MOEDT) to establish the PPP Development Unit, which was formally established on June 30, 2011.

The PPP Development Unit’s objectives are to:

  • Encourage the use of PPPs to improve infrastructure and deliver quality public services to Ukrainian citizens;
  • Provide support, advice and coordination on PPP implementation to government bodies, including ministries, agencies, and sub-national governments;
  • Protect the public interest by establishing systems and processes to monitor the use of PPPs in Ukraine;
  • Build necessary capacity of staff; and
  • Implement a National PPP Strategy.

In addition to supporting the PPP Development Unit’s work on a National PPP Strategy, P3DP provided advice on establishing the PPP implementation process in Ukraine. We also helped the PPP Unit develop its Web site, create promotional materials, and provide training to its key staff.

With a solid legislative framework in place, the PPP Development Unit will continue to build institutional capacity and facilitate PPP transactions in Ukraine long after the P3DP program is completed.

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