Objective 4:

Implementing Pilot PPP Projects

UkraineAssistance delivered through the other P3DP objectives created the legal foundation and institutional capacity needed to successfully implement PPPs in Ukraine. Still, P3DP recognized that the creating, tendering and implementing of actual projects is the essential “catalyst” necessary to accelerate and expand the use of PPPs throughout the country.

P3DP worked with a number of municipalities in introducing PPP pilot projects that served as benchmarks for developing other PPPs in key sectors such as:

Our team assisted municipal governments prepare feasibility studies, prepare tender documents, draft agreements, and follow legal procedures to conduct tenders and execute PPP contracts. P3DP acted as a neutral broker between government, the private sector, NGOs, and the public to bring PPPs to fruition.

The transactions defined needed success criteria, addressing challenges unique to Ukraine, and modeling the processes needed to successfully engage the private sector to improve public services and infrastructure.

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