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United States Agency for International Development

usaid_logo_engUkraine plays a critical role in the United States Government’s efforts to help the countries of the former Soviet Union to establish democratic institutions and free market economics and integrate with global markets. USAID’s overarching goal for Ukraine is a stable, democratic and prosperous country. To achieve this goal, USAID is partnering with Ukrainians for more participatory, transparent and accountable governance processes, broad-based, resilient economic development and improved health and health systems.

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine


The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade is a leading agency within the system of Ukraine’s government agencies and institutions, responsible for implementation of the uniform government policy of national and regional economic and social development and cooperation with the European Union.

The Association of Ukrainian Cities


The Association of Ukrainian Cities (AUC), founded in 1992, aims to reform the political system, support the policy of market transformation, broaden links between the municipalities by means of economic cooperation, advocate for the interests of member municipalities, and cooperate with state authorities and NGOs to help Ukraine’s transition to a market economy. AUC works efficiently and effectively for municipalities, their communities, and all Ukrainian people.

East European Foundation


Eurasia Foundation (EF) began operating in Ukraine in 1993. Since then, EF has invested more than $44 million in grants, loans and technical assistance in Ukraine for local initiatives to develop private entrepreneurship, public policy and civil society. EF successfully supported a wide range of activities, benefiting institutions and individuals at the local level with programmatic focus on supporting civil society, private enterprise development and public administration and policy reform. Launched in November 2007 by Eurasia Foundation, East Europe Foundation (EEF) is a local non-profit, non-governmental developmental NGO which builds on EF experience by further developing the most effective programs. EEF shares its founder’s commitment to innovation, seeking to support successful community-driven development initiatives.

The Kyiv School of Economics


The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), founded by the Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC) in 1996, is a world-class academic institution with a reputation for excellence both in Ukraine and internationally. KSE ranks among the top schools in Central and Eastern Europe, producing the future generation of world-class economists. In doing so, it helps to improve the economic, business, and policymaking environments of Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. KSE carries out its educational activities supported by the Government of Sweden.

The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan


The William Davidson Institute (WDI) is a non-profit research and educational institute established at the University of Michigan in 1992. Through a unique structure that integrates healthcare and base of pyramid research, educational outreach, field-based collaborations, and development consulting services, WDI creates long-term value for academic institutions, partner organizations, and donor agencies active in emerging markets.

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