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PPP Practical Guide (Ukrainian)

PPP GuideThe purpose of the Practical Guide is to provide a clear and comprehensive implementing guide to all stakeholders for the purpose of identification, preparation and analysis of the effectiveness of public-private partnerships. The manual provided the basis for development of PPP projects with further advice on drawing up a feasibility study (FS).
In particular, this practical guide can be used by:

  • Managing partner (in the case of a PPP exercise that authority control) or after receipt of proposals for the implementation of PPP private partner;
  • MOEDT of Ukraine, when the decision to analyze the efficiency of the implementation of PPP;
  • The private partner in the preparation of proposals for the implementation of public-private partnerships;
  • Other stakeholders to improve skills relevant to the preparation of PPP projects; and
  • A wider audience of readers interested in the practical implementation issues of PPP in Ukraine.

Guide: Public-Private Partnerships in e-Government

e-Gov guide_en

This guide was presented during a two-day workshop, PPPs in e-Government, held in Kyiv on 17 – 18 February, 2015.

It provides an overview of e-Government PPPs, including definitions, contract models, policy issues, legislative requirements, challenges, risks, and constraints.

It also includes a description of the e-Government PPP life cycle and relevant case studies.