Environmental Impact of P3DP’s Legislative Work

P3DP assistance positively impacts the national framework of policy and legislation needed to mobilize private investment in renewable and energy efficiency projects, strengthening needed individual and institutional capacities and demonstrating how to implement private investment projects that mitigate global climate change.

As a result of our consultations, tailored research and policy recommendations, provisions promoting clean energy and energy efficiency is included in Ukraine’s National PPP policy and reflected in draft and adopted legislation. These support the National Economic Reforms Program for 2010-2014.

In addition, PPP-related laws are being improved so that renewable energy and energy efficiency PPPs can be introduced.  Specific examples include:

  • Provisions in the PPP Concept and Strategy for using PPPs to develop the energy sector, improve the resource and energy efficiency of the housing and communal sector, and protect the natural environment;
  •  Amendments to energy efficiency legislation that provide specific regulations for making energy service company (ESCO) contracts efficient for the public sector;
  • Solid waste management (SWM) tariff reform to accelerate the development and modernization of the SWM sector in Ukraine in ways that improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The proposed regulations provide for resources to be used to develop and manage landfills that meet modern environmental requirements.