The volume of traffic in Ukraine has increased many times over in the last two decades. But transportation infrastructure has not kept pace. Roads designed for far less traffic struggle to accommodate a surge in car ownership.  With steady increases in the number of cars per capita and poor urban planning, parking in Ukrainian cities has become a herculean challenge.

Lviv has not been spared. Drivers in search of parking spaces in its old, narrow streets add to congestion,  worsening the quality of life for drivers and pedestrians alike. The city administration recognizes that better parking facilities, for payment, could ease congestion and raise funds needed to build and maintain additional facilities.

As a result, P3DP is supporting the Lviv city government in developing Ukraine’s first parking management PPP for a multi-level underground garage. This will require revisions to legislation on parking, better enforcement, as well as a private sector partner to build and operate the facility.


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