Solid Waste Management

BiogasImproving solid waste management (SWM) is a priority for the Ukrainian government. In addition to improving legislation related to waste management, the government is planning to improve the collection, processing and disposal of solid waste throughout the country. P3DP promotes the use of PPPs in the waste management sector to reduce costs, improve collection and recycling, and protect health and environment.

P3DP is working with the National Commission for Communal Services Regulation to establish a rational, clear, and consistent SWM tariff methodology, an essential factor for successful public-private partnerships in solid waste collection and disposal.  P3DP is also working with municipalities to engage the private sector on other areas of their SWM strategy.

PPPs can also contribute to the use of biogas technology for generating power from landfill gases. Such technology can form an integral component of a sustainable solid waste management program suitable for both urban and rural areas. This approach enhances waste disposal while also producing energy and reducing environmental impact. P3DP is working with municipal governments in Vinnytsia and Ivano-Frankisk to develop PPPs to develop biogas technology as part of their respective waste management systems.

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