Sharing PPP Knowledge: PPP Training-of-Trainers Course Launched

On November 3-7, 2014 P3DP organized and conducted a “Training-of-Trainers” (ToT) workshop for university faculty members and trainers of institutions tasked with preparing future public servants or supporting current staff tasked with creating PPPs.

21 professional teachers and trainers from 13 institutions of higher learning and postgraduate education. Among them were: National Academy of Public Administration in Kyiv and its regional branches in Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk; Main State Service, Universities from Odessa, Kharkiv, Kyiv and Zaporizhia.

Throughout the P3DP program period, government and municipal leaders have been given the opportunity to gain PPP knowledge and skills. Practical workshops, seminars and other training events have introduced general PPP concepts, international practices, as well as tools for analyzing the technical, financial and environmental feasibility of proposed PPPs. In addition to the training materials, the process of developing the PPP pilot projects has generated practical information on how to create PPPs in the sectors of waste management, alternative fuels in district heating, healthcare, sports and recreation, and city park management. To share this experience, P3DP has developed a series of case studies based on this experience.

As a step toward institutionalizing this knowledge and teaching tools, P3DP organized a ToT course with the goal to improve the capacity of local institutions to support municipalities and government agencies by developing their capacity to attract private sector investment and resources in order to build infrastructure and improve public services through the public-private partnerships.

The objectives of the training included:

  • Equipping participants with knowledge, skills and materials for teaching PPPs in their respective institutions;
  • Expanding the number of local government officials with the capacity to develop PPP projects; and
  • Disseminating P3DP‘s accumulated experience in developing PPP projects.

The session was conducted by Ukrainian training experts from the Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education, who worked closely with the PDP staff to prepare materials and case studies. The introductory note was provided by Ms. Ksenia Liapina, member of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Radaand the author of the PPP Law, P3DP’s Chief of Party Mick Mulley and Olena Maslyukivska, P3DP’s Manager of Awareness and Capacity Development.

The training combined theory, case studies, a site visit and participant development of action plans under professional guidance. The Agenda included the following:

  • Teaching with Cases: Theory and Ukrainian Practice
  • Teaching PPPs: participant action plans
  • Ukrainian PPP Cases:
    • Kyiv Sports & Recreation Project (with a site visit)
    • Healthcare PPP Project in Zaporizhzhia
    • Biofuel Heating PPP Project in Malyn
    • Landfill Gas and Electricity Generation PPP Project in Vinnytsia
    • Simferopol City Park PPP Project