Transparency in Highway PPPs

One of the benefits of PPPs is their transparency, which reduces corruption and builds public trust. But not every PPP is implemented smoothly. reports that a 50-year, $425 millon PPP to improve a highway in the U.S. state of Colorado ran into trouble because the deal was “done secretely with little public input.

Policymakers in Colorado have responded by proposing legislation that would require public discussion of future PPPs.

Transparency in highway projects is also an important issue in Ukraine. The National Projects Agency of Ukraine held a public presentation of a proposed Ring Road feasibility study in November 2012 and invited the press to the signing of a cooperation agreement with the International Finance Corporation last October.

By being transparent about the project as it develops, the National Projects Agency ensures that all affected stakeholders raise concerns early in the process.  P3DP integrates strategic communications and public discussions in all its pilot PPP projects in Ukraine.

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