New Regulation Designed to Accelerate Reform in Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada adopted Regulation #2986 On the Plan for Legislative Support to Reforms in Ukraine. The plan was developed by 90 members of parliament with assistance of the international donor community, including active support from P3DP. The regulation facilitates implementation of the National Strategy 2020, the EU Association Agreement and Coalition Agreement.

UN Human Rights Office in Ukraine Supports IDP Housing National Strategy Solutions

The UN Human Rights Office presented its human rights report, highlighting the increasing needs of IDPs in Ukraine and the urgency to develop national strategy that coordinates assistance. During discussions, P3DP noted that a working group had been established to create sustainable housing solutions, in line with a key recommendation of the UN report and the recent Law of Ukraine on IDPs.


Viability of Alternate Energy Projects Boosted by Amended Legislation

Reforms approved by the Rada increase investment attractiveness of alternative energy projects. Draft law #2010-d better aligns green tariff rates with European practices and loosens requirements to use Ukrainian-produced equipment. The amendments support municipalities’ efforts to attract private sector investment needed for replication of P3DP’s alternative energy PPP pilot project in Malyn.

Ukraine Branch of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Championing Development of PPPs

P3DP presented an overview of PPP environment in Ukraine during an International Chamber of Commerce regional round table in Odesa. ICC recently established a PPP Commission designed to provide technical and political support for PPP projects initiated by their members. Recent initiatives address improvement of port facilities and establishment of technology parks with private sector participation.

Minister of Infrastructure Highlights Need to Improve Ukraine’s Ports and Waterways

P3DP participated in the Q&A session organized by the EBA with Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure. The Minister stressed the importance of rehabilitating key ports and improving commercial access to the system of waterways. Restructuring of the State Road Agency was also cited as a priority step toward improving infrastructure needed for economic development.

Ukraine Included in €8 billion Financing Package for Energy and Infrastructure

The European Investment Bank (EIB) approved €8 billion in financing for energy and infrastructure projects in Europe. The EIB has a €3 billion lending program to Ukraine for 2014-16, with disbursements to date of less than €940 million. Properly prepared public-private partnership projects can apply for the support.

Biomass/Gas Project Round Table in Poltova

P3DP shared guidance materials and PPP development experience at a Round Table in Poltava focused on PPPs in the Biomass/Gas sector. P3DP made the case that concessions are a suitable form of PPPs that can enable substitution of natural gas with locally-produced bio-fuels. The 15 local officials attending gained a general understanding of the PPP development process.

Legislation Enabling Energy Saving Projects Enacted in Ukraine

Legislation increasing the viability of Energy Performance Contracts, including necessary budget code amendments, was enacted. P3DP provided significant input to the development and advocacy for the adoption of the reforms. The introduced legislation provides incentives for private sector investment and public-private partnerships in energy sector modernization.


Draft Law on PPP in Parliament Prepared for 2nd Reading in Rada

P3DP participated in the Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy Parliamentary Committee meeting to present final recommendations to the draft law. A number of discordant issues were resolved in areas such as budgetary commitments and differences of PPP laws versus general public procurement. P3DP expects the draft law to be registered for the second reading during the week of May 18-22.