(English) List of PPP-Related Legislation in Ukraine

The following policies and laws should be considered when exploring PPPs in Ukraine. This list is not exhaustive. Where available, links to the laws and English translations are provided.

The Commercial Code of Ukraine (436-15 )

The Law “On Local Self-government”

The Budget Code

The Law of Ukraine On Public-Private Partnerships

Law of Ukraine “On Lease of State and Municipal Property” dated 10.04.1992, № 2269-XII ;

Law of Ukraine “On concessions” from 16.07.1999, N 997-XIV;

Law of Ukraine “On peculiarities of lease or concession of centralized water heating and sanitation that are in communal ownership” of 21.10.2010, № 2624-VI ;

Law of Ukraine “On peculiarities of lease or concession of the fuel and energy complex, state-owned” from 08.07.2011, № 3687-VI;

Law of Ukraine “On Concessions for Building and Operation of Motor Roads” from 14.12.1999, № 1286-XIV;

Law of Ukraine “On Financial Leasing” 16.12.1997 № 723/97- VR.

The following o that regulate the above aspects of the preparation and implementation of PPPs: